Physiotherapy Services to Get You Back to Fitness & Sports

A wide array of specialty services that are customized to you, like Pelvic Health, Physiotherapy, Exercise Therapy, Personal Training & more.

Highly Trained and Highly Reviewed Sports Medicine Physiotherapists in Vaughan and Surrounding Area

Welcome to Sporting Edge Physiotherapy

At Sporting Edge Physiotherapy, we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of world-class athletes (NCAA, OHL, AHL, Canadian National Team, Serie A, Crossfit Games) as well Paediatric, Geriatric, and Post-Natal Populations.

Sporting Edge Physiotherapy services include Manual Therapy, Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, Concussion Testing & Rehabilitation, Shockwave Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Exercise Therapy & Personal Training, Dry Needling/Intramuscular Stimulation & MSK Naturopathic.

We are not your average Physiotherapy clinic, and we take pride in our slogan, “Getting you back to sport & fitness”.

Sporting Edge Physiotherapy

We treat

Sports and repetitive strain injuries

Chronic pain and neurologically related syndromes

Whiplash & concussions

Back, neck, and shoulder pain

Bone fractures

Degenerative joint and disc diseases

Postural imbalances

Disc herniations

Muscle and ligament sprains and strains

Joint and nerve pain

Motor vehicle accident injuries

Muscle imbalances



TMJ (Jaw) disorders (clicking, pain, grinding)

Tennis elbow

Foot and heel pain

Rotator cuff injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome



And more